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Album: Arthropoda Arthropoda

Changed:  11/15/2004 7:58:00 PM
Album Count:  0 pictures
Total Count:  0 pictures

Album: Protozoa - Blood and Tissue Protozoa Protozoa - Blood and Tissue Protozoa

Changed:  11/15/2004 1:55:19 PM
Album Count:  56 pictures
Total Count:  56 pictures

Album: Protozoa - Intestinal and Luminal Protozoa Protozoa - Intestinal and Luminal Protozoa

Changed:  11/15/2004 1:54:49 PM
Album Count:  58 pictures
Total Count:  58 pictures

Album: Helminths - Cestoda Helminths - Cestoda

Changed:  11/15/2004 1:49:29 PM
Album Count:  11 pictures
Total Count:  11 pictures

Album: Helminths - Trematoda Helminths - Trematoda

Changed:  11/15/2004 1:49:02 PM
Album Count:  17 pictures
Total Count:  17 pictures

Album: Helminths - Nematoda Helminths - Nematoda

Changed:  11/15/2004 1:44:58 PM
Album Count:  35 pictures
Total Count:  35 pictures

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The photographs presented here are parts of a comprehensive Atlas of Medical Parasitology. This part has been selected as an aid to practical work for medical students and other allied medical sciences at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Any comments should be directed to Dr. Sadjjadi.

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